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We’re very excited to share that we’re the Lumen Prize Gold Award Winner this year! Read more from The Lumen, and Right Click Save.

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Dec 6 ∙ talk about Jitr จิตร ∙ Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2022: Bodies, Voices, and Pedagogies🡥 (Online 9:15 am.–EST timezone)

Dec 16 ∙ Jitr จิตร ∙ Wonderfruit🡥(Neramit 9:15 pm.–10:15 pm.–GMT+7 timezone), The Fields at Siam Country Club Pattaya, Thailand

Dec 23 ∙ Jitr จิตร (collaborations)∙ INT–ACT2022:New Act Vocality and Transmutation🡥, Thailand Music and Arts Organization at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre(BACC), Bangkok, Thailand





<aside> ⚫ elekhlekha อีเหละเขละขละ is a collaborative research-based group consisting of artists, Kengchakaj–เก่งฉกาจ (https://kengchakaj.info/) and Nitcha–ณิชชา(เฟม) (https://nitcha.info/), interested in subversive storytelling using sound and visual archives, researching into historical context, and using multimedia and technology to experiment and explore and define decolonized possibilities. We’re currently based in Occupied Lenapehoking(NYC), the unceded lands of the Lenni-Lenape and home for many Indigenous peoples past, present, and future.


<aside> ⚪ elekhlekha อีเหละเขละขละ means dispersedly, chaos, unorganized, all over, and non-direction. Our first collaborative project, Jitr (จิตร), a speculative, imaginary electronics ensemble, premiered at Wonderville NYC with support from Babycastles, a City Artist Corps Grant, along with funding from Queens Council on the Arts and in 2022, was awarded The Lumen Prize Gold Award.


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